TAGUA is a product native to the rain forest of Ecuador. It is known as vegetable ivory or exotic ivory since it is remarkably similar to animal ivory in both looks and feel. Tagua is durable and easily carved, and it even mimics the porosity of animal ivory. The biggest difference: Elephant do not have to die.

The use of Tagua Beads increments the interest to protect Tagua Palms and therefore the Rain Forest. To get good nuts, mocochas (bag where the nuts are inside) have to drop off the palm by themselves. To protect quality of tagua beads, palms must be taken care of, reforestation and so on. It is a cycle! And finally we can manufacture Fashion Jewelry.

If you are a woman who loves nature, these collections are perfect for you. The natural jewelry from EcuadorianHands is designed to be high quality and economical at the same time, 100% handmade by artisans.

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