The Northern Light Kayak candle holder is the perfect gift for your beloved. They are made with pannaq™ OHT wood which is 100% natural, non-toxic and unique. The Kayak balances the elements in beauty crafted elegance inspired by the Canadian heritage of Qijuk and a passion for eco-innovation, made with their signature all-natural OHT (oil heated treatment) wood.


The Kayak with its ability to float on water gives an excellent decoration to the bath tub and lets you re-connect to nature with its relaxing ambience guiding you into relaxed meditation that takes you on a sensorial journey into blissful peace for a truly pampering bathing experience.


With its unique design the Kayak is a piece of art at the dinner table. It’s overwhelming fragrance enhances the candle light dinner experience letting you get close to your loved one and makes it a romantic and a memorable event for both of you, making the Kayaka wonderful  gift.


The Kayak can also be used in a room for decoration adding subtle details to it, inducing a calm, peaceful and romantic atmosphere which lets you enjoy your precious time with your loved one. The Kayak can also be customized to match your environment making your experience truly unique.


The Northern Light Kayak candle holder then is an elegant all-natural product that brings joy to your home. Its unique design produces a charm that is almost hypnotic. It decorates the room in a beautiful way and has a character of its own. It lets you enjoy your moments in a very relaxing way giving you a natural feel throughout.It is a piece of art, be it in your bathroom or at a dinner table that enhances your experience making it memorable for you and your loved one. Make your events beautiful and gift your loved one, a Kayak!


Go to www.nlqijuk.com and check it out!


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