RigMona is an Electronic pop funk Band based in New Delhi India originally from Kurseong, West Bengal,India. The Band has been playing together for the last 2 years. Rigden Composer/Musician and also the founder of the band has been playing music for the last 25 years. Before the formation of the band He’s been associated with other highly popular projects.. I love his arrangements both Live and Studio.And the way he plays every instrument we can think of, is just out of the world.
He once told me he’s always had a dream of composing and releasing his own music, Making Music to be remembered. This Dream of his turned into a reality when he met me, I’m Monalisa the vocalist of the band. I also do the managing bit. Getting gigs, talking to clients. Speaking to you.( Laughs )


I have been singing for a long long time but never really thought of singing as a career. It was more of a passion. Sing for yourself kind of a thing. I belong to Kurseong, It’s a small town located in West Bengal, India. Everybody in the region knows music. It’s kind of a blessing. Not to brag but musicians from our region are gifted and I have not heard anyone as good as our musicians here in Delhi. Been here for two years haven’t heard anyone.
Anyway, Once I graduated I moved to Delhi, and was working as a Music Teacher.I had posted a video of me singing with a guitar and shared it online. Rigden found me somehow and asked if we could meet and talk about a new project. It came to me as a surprise; Small town girl scared and excited of the city. It was hard for me to take the decision. I hesitated, but thought it wouldn’t really hurt to meet, and we belonged to the same town. We met, sang a few songs and well just hit it off from there. It was amazing to be honest. I felt wonderful. I have seen myself grow as a Singer as a musician ever since I met him, and give all credit to him for whatever I have been able to achieve. He has been my mentor and very critical at times but Well it’s all for the good. ( Laughs ). We started jamming as a Duo and performed aswell, It helped me a lot to build my confidence on stage and making new contacts.

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Rigden introduced me with a Guitarist a few weeks later. His name isMingma, the first time I heard him, I was awestruck. He played beautiful melodies amazing stuff. He surely is fantastic at what he does. He is more like a family now, apparently Rig and Mingma have been friends for almost 15 years now. I love their chemistry, It’s surreal. I feel really fortunate to be associated with them both.

We are definitely more like family now. Until this time I had no clue what Rigden’s plan was. We started practicing on a regular basis. I kept hearing Rig say, “We need a good drummer n everything is gonna be sorted.” To be honest it took us a while till we found a good drummer and well the Patience was worth it cause we happened to meet this brilliant drummer who is exceptionally good. His name is Sailendra, He’s is surely a gem we’ve been blessed with. I feel very confident with him on the drums, Rig on the Bass and Mingma on the Guitar. It’s a fantastic lineup that we are extremely proud of.
In Delhi we perform at various clubs and pubs, mostly covers though. Highly energetic, dance songs. I dance like crazy ( laughs ), Everybody says that. But I love the Stage, I am a very different person on and off stage. It’s magical. People here sometimes don’t seem to handle the sexuality and energy I potray in my live acts. They can’t take it. It is different in our country, not in my hometown but here It is very much.

Well, Very soon we are finally releasing Our First Nepali song named “ChameraGauthalee”. It’s written , composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rigden. We tried mixing our previous Western tracks but are not very proud of it. So this time, he did everything on his own cause end of the day it’s his song and it’s an amazing song, people will relate to it and I am certain they are gonna love it. It talks about our culture, our love for our people and our way to say Thank you to our beautiful community. We do belong to a community that’s amazing, people who love and care for each other, who are humble helpful and have beautiful souls. Rig wrote it almost 7 years back. I love the melody and his arrangement; It is new and different in many ways. I had to really experiment with the Vocals a lot since it’s my first Nepali song ,like literally.I love the way it sounds now and I’m quite sure the people are gonna love it too!!

We surely have a long long way to go in our career. There are gonna be times when it’s gonna be challenging and difficult but we are ready for it all. There are people who love us support us but very and quite a number of them who are not very supportive. People are starting to notice us which is amazing. Some are threatened, which is amazing as well. I am loving every bit of the journey, It is definitely the best thing I’ve done. I believe in my band and my band members, and I believe in our music, there is a lot we have to offer and we are only getting started.

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