USA, December  13 2016

Protectloved ones from the Zika Virus and other insect-borne diseases.

NoBu.gs™ is an exciting new US company that makes insect-repelling clothing with built-in Insect Shield © technology. NoBu.gs™ is working to help prevent and combat the outbreak of Zika virus, both in the US and globally.
Currently there is no vaccine and no cure for the deadly Zika virus, and everyone – especially babies and pregnant women – are at risk. The new NoBu.gs™ clothing line with Insect Shield ©provides the whole family protection from dangerous insects. With a specially-designed Maternity Line, NoBu.gs™ with Insect Shield © technology is working hard not just for a healthy today, but a healthy tomorrow.

It’s simple, effective, and safe.

Keeping the bugs away is as easy as getting dressed! NoBu.gs™ clothing features odorless, invisible Insect shield® technology that repels biting insects that may carry the Zika virus and Lyme disease. The Insect Shield® technology repels mosquitos, ticks, flies, ants, midges (no-see-ums) and more. The protection against biting insects that NoBu.gs™ clothing with Insect Shield©offers lasts for 70 washings or the expected lifetime of the garment.

Insect Shield© technology reduces insect bites by up to 97%, and has been rigorously evaluated for safety. Insect Shield© apparel is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and is recommended by the World Health Organization. NoBu.gs™ clothing now makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the protection of Insect Shield© technology that has beenused by the US Army, aid organizations, and hospitals around the globe for years.

Now launching!


NoBu.gs™ is now launching their new collection with Insect Shield© technology to protect you and your whole family in comfortable, classic, affordable style! This collection was created specifically with hot and humid climates in mind. The special blend of cotton, rayon and spandex is • Light weight • Stretchy • Extra soft • Moisture wicking • Antibacterial • Deodorizing • Cooling • UPF 50+, and blocks 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.Being bug-free has never felt – or looked! –sogood!

Visit us at www.nobu.gs for more information and our full product line. Or contact: info@nobu.gs

NoBit.es for a better world.
NoBit.es is a charitable organization that distributes NoBu.gs™ products and clothing with Insect Shield© technology to families, expectant mothers, and babies around the world in Zika infested or high-risk areas.

To support the cause and learn more, visit www.NoBit.es.

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