Laser engravers are the devices of everything creative in the artsy world. You might be surprised at how far people take laser technology and what they can make with laser systems. Almost anything you can imagine can be printed using advanced laser engraving/etching/cutting technology.
Here are some examples of what people are making with laser technology.
What? Laser cut food? Laser machines are capable of etching eggplant, making patterned pancakes, and creating custom sushi seaweed sheets. Unlike 3D printers, lasers don’t use harmful chemicals in this process. It’s all done with the heat from the laser and a few adjustments for delicate patterns. Creative people are testing the limits of laser engraving machines to create fancy peach pies and gingerbread houses! Butchers are even trying it out for cutting meat.
How in the world can the fashion industry use lasers? Alexander McQueen, a popular avant-garde fashion designer leverages the power and versatility of laser cutters to gut fabric, patterns, and to make dresses that have been seen on the runways. Other designers and clothing manufacturers are exploring using laser systems to create intricate designs in t-shirts, blouses, and leather attire.
Because lasers can cut through fabric, wood, metal, and multiple materials in one pass, light fixtures, manufactured by Horm (the company with the patent for this innovation) are created. The company uses a thin walnut veneer and bonds it to a suitable fabric substrate to create the designs. Just imagine how laser technology can revolutionize the whole furniture industry.
Believe it or not, 3D printers don’t have exclusivity for printing architectural elements. Most industrial laser cutters can cut several square feet of material in about the same time it takes for a 3D printer to warm up. 3D printers might be able to produce large, amazingly detailed sculptures, but they can’t manage something on the smaller scale like custom paneling. Lasers can cut that. Lasers can also cut architectural models using CAD software, which gives architects the ability to create using a larger variety of materials over 3D printing.
Many 3D puzzles are laser cut using metal, wood or chip board. Puzzles can range from table-sized historic landmarks and wonders to small-scale metal spaceships that are about the size of a diecast car. Some 3D puzzles have moving parts.
Artists can use laser machines to create detailed, multi-level, and amazingly impressive artwork. Artists have experimented with ocean typography as framed art that has become quite popular among art aficionados.
LP Record
One of the most fascinating things created using laser cutting technology is the wooden LP record (yes, like the vinyl record of yore) that actually plays on a conventional record player. It was done by Amanda Ghassaei, who figured out how to convert audio files into vector graphics that she etches into the wood record.
Almost anything you can imagine can be created using laser systems. The versatility in functions, software, usable materials, and industries makes this technology limited only by one’s imagination. What would you create with a laser machine?

Article by Erryn Deane from https://www.needham-coding.com/

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