James Davis was born in Detroit in 1975 and has called Colorado “Home” since 1987. Growing up in Colorado sparked a passion for adventure, the outdoors, and creating that has been alive ever since.

James utilizes his Industrial Design degree to connect clients with their own passion through functional and unique art in both commercial and residential settings.


His recent work with electrical erosion is inspired from a near lightning strike on Mt. Evans while snowboarding with a friend as an electrical storm quickly rolled in. “These patterns remind me of what it felt like in my legs as I tried to get off the mountain.” he says. After showing the artwork to a friend that works in the ER, James learned that this phenomenon is called ferning. It is what happens to the skin when someone is struck by lightning.

James utilizes different elements of wood, metal, earth, and electricity to connect with the world around us. His process involves sketches and a lot of on the spot decisions. Just like in life, things don’t always go according to the plan and adjustments need to be made. He utilizes every piece of material that he can and creates new works until there is nothing left except a bucket of campfire material. That’s when he knows it’s time to head back into nature for some more inspiration.


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