Are you a filmmaker looking to get your film seen world wide?
If YES… IFS, would be the best place to summit your film or trailer film to be added to a Youtube Film Channel. Indie Film Screenings will review and screen your short film, trailer film or feature film on it show if selected by the producers. Once added to the broadcast list, it will get filmed with 2 host of the show and shown to millions of viewers world wide on IFS youtube film channel. The host will also give good reviews and support the films and give helpful tips and commits if needed about the films. This would be the perfect way to promote the film artists films and them self as a film maker. To get your film added to the broadcast list, visit their facebook book and LIKE them and add your film link on that page, its that easy. The producers will check for new films every day.


Send your film link to: www.facebook.com/indiefilmscreenings
Sponsors or Producers: indiefilmscreenings@gmail.com (c/o producers)
See all the shows filmed & you can subscribe at: www.youtube.com/indiefilmscreenings
Contact host: J.Rome Lee Brown or Stephon J. Davis at: indiefilmscreenings.com



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