Jewelry in all forms is a great delight to wear but the choice of jewelry is a matter of personal style. While many would admire a unique and cost-effective handcrafted artisan jewellery, others may prefer to fill their wardrobes with trendy or designer items. In our modern day where mass production is rampant, many individuals end up buying and wearing similar pieces. But if you are person who wants an absolutely exclusive unique piece of jewelry, then artisan handcrafted jewelry is your perfect fit.

Artisan jewelry tends to be less expensive then designer items and it’s admired for its absolute uniqueness and exceptional exquisiteness. If you’re looking to convey a message of uniqueness or show appreciation to someone you love, you can’t go wrong with a meaningful piece of artisan jewelry which include a variety of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and lots more.


Each unique piece is created by skilled artisans after utilizing hours to sketch, mold, and finally produce each spectacular design. Do to the handmade nature, each piece has natural curves and inclusions that designer jewelry mass produced on machines do not have. Unlike designer jewelry made on machines, artisan jewelry hold it’s value and it’s quality is known to last longer. Since each piece is made by hand, each piece is checked over thoroughly for design, production, and quality. Artisan jewelry due to its uniqueness and quality is a perfect gift for any love one for any occasion. Certain pieces even outlast their owners, allowing them to be passed down from generation to generation.



A handcrafted jewelry is always unique hence no two pieces will ever be the same. You’re not constrained by recent trends or fashions because you’re not wearing the same jewelry everyone else is wearing. Handcrafted jewelry can also be personalized to suit your style or personality which allows you to stand out in a crowd.


When you buy a handcrafted jewelry, you are helping to patronize hardworking artisans who have put their heart and soul into every piece they create. Jewelry artisans love what they do and it shows in their designs. Therefore, they produce only high quality jewelry for their customers.



You’d surprised to find that a handcrafted jewelry is extremely affordable. This is mainly because there are fewer overhead expenses to make jewelry by hand. The cost of handmade jewelry is typically lower in comparison to items you’d find in larger jewelry stores. The time taken to produce a beautifully handcrafted piece may take longer, but you will end up with something you can cherish for years to come.


Most artisans create and run their jewelry businesses themselves, which enables you to communicate one-on-one with them to develop trust and understanding. You will also have a better appreciation for the use of high quality materials and techniques. Many artisans will also work with you to create a customized piece of handmade jewelry specifically to your personal taste and style.


Another big benefit to consider is the variety of handcrafted jewelry available to choose from. There are many stones, beads, precious metals and techniques, so you’re guaranteed to find a whimsical, meaningful and unique piece of artisan jewelry to treasure for a lifetime.

Lastly, the artisans jewelry isn’t confined to the boundaries the factory made jewelry must have simply because it is mass produced. In order to make thousands of pieces that look exactly the same they have to be made in exactly the same manner. However, designers with the help of their machines can do that easily and cheaply. Whereas each piece of handcrafted jewelry can be different, like the artist.


With so many artisan jewelry designers, it can be difficult to find one of great quality and craftsmanship. One amazing example of an artisan jeweler known for their amazing qualities and intricate abilities is the up-and-coming etsy shop Gypsy Stars RVA. Gypsy Stars RVA is a group of autistic adults in Richmond Virginia who create and sell their amazing pieces. You can find gemstone jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, gold filled jewelry, geode jewelry and amazing specialty boutique hair bows as well as other unique items on their etsy. Though new to Etsy, this group has really proven their commitments to quality and uniqueness. Every piece Gypsy Stars RVA makes is truly a work of art and the perfect addition to a unique person’s collection. One of the best reasons to buy from Gypsy Stars RVA other than the amazing quality, is that each adult in the group has autism. Autistic adults are not always given a fair chance to live their dream, but Gypsy Stars RVA allows these amazing adults to live their design dreams. It allows them to create and turn each fantasy into a beautiful artisan peace. Be sure to check them out, you can find their shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GypsyStarsRVA. With so many choices in artisan jewelry, every person can find something in their personal style. While designers are creating for money, artisan jewelers are creating for design and quality. Be sure to look for artisan jewelers the next time you purchase jewelry.

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