CAPTURE THE FLAG is a feature-length film script based on the short film. View the Campaign

Here’s the story: Grumpy Navy Veteran James Donovan lives in a retirement community, and his only real pleasure in life is raising the flag every morning in the community courtyard. His routine is interrupted when the ever-cheerful Lou Addison, a retired Army veteran, moves in across the way and challenges James for the right to hoist the flag. A humorous rivalry begins and, after a series of escalating pranks, the two rivals decide to settle the score with a no-holds barred camp game of ‘capture the flag.’ They each recruit a team of feisty seniors to determine the winner — but not before they come to terms with their own regrets, fears, and losses in this funny, heart-warming script about rivalry, respect, sacrifice and friendship.

A Welcomed Tribute:
The film is dedicated to everyone who serves and has served in the US Armed Forces. This includes the friends and families of the soldiers. To those of you we can only say… Thanks!

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