Coming soon….a 2017 Feature Film Presentation entitled $lice O’ Cake!

$lice O’ Cake focuses on the story of Nathan, a languishing former high school basketball star with thriving siblings who look down on him. His only inspiration is his mother who suddenly passes away.  His only hope is his new girlfriend who disappears on him.  He can only confide in his best friend who is secretly jealous of him because of his natural appeal to women.

What happens when Nathan inherits a fortune?  Witness first hand how greed and betrayal unfolds in relationships and the impact it has on social status!  For the love of money!

Are you ready for a $lice O’ Cake?  Don’t miss this Feature Film Presentation directed by Marcus Muhd.  Battle Cry is written by Marcus Muhd.  This is an ATone Productions Feature Film and Soundtrack.
Check out the Slice O’ Cake Movie Raw Footage
featuring “BATTLE CRY” by Marcus Muhd
~ ATone Productions Soundtracks ~

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