Above: Samsung Gear VR / Image Credit: Nan Palmero via Flickr

Thanks to Samsung, the Virtual reality experiences is now more affordable with the budget version of its Gear VR headset.

The new Gear VR works with the latest Samsung phones, including the Galaxy Note 5 and all models of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung priced the Gear VR at $99 (around £65). Buy it Here.

Samsung Gear VR
by Virtual Studio
on Sketchfab

It features a touchpad that you tap and swipe to control the Gear VR’s user interface. There’s a “back” button right above the touchpad, which can be long-pressed to take you back to the home screen at any time, and volume control buttons.  You can also connect a Bluetooth game controller to the Galaxy Note 4 to control more advanced games. It has cushion inside, making it comfortable to wear.

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