Los Angeles, CA, September 25th, 2017 – DUCK WORLD, a meta-humor web series released its trailer on “Trailer Tuesday” – September 26th. Written and directed by Alex Gry and co-produced with Chelsea O’Connor, DUCK WORLD is an absurdist sketch comedy series where each episode is based around a different movie genre or trope. Seemingly random at first, the episodes slowly begin to tie together as the series turns into a deconstruction of the sketch comedy format itself.

Alex Gry has previously directed comedy spots for national brands such as Ruffles, eBay, and Lay’s. His vision for Duck World was complimented by O’Connor’s experience in producing comedy sketches, parody videos, and short films. The duo created this web series on an extremely low “indie budget” and involved over 100 industry professionals to pull off this passion project. They set the ambitious goal of filming 16 episodes over four Saturdays, each date six weeks apart. Alex spent one week writing the first batch of scripts, then four weeks on casting and pre-production. He’d shoot four episodes in a day, then spend the next week editing them. Rinse and repeat, another three times.

“Drawing inspiration from the self-imposed tight production schedule of South Park, I found this kind of lightning-fast pace created a unique energy where all kinds of ideas and happy accidents came about that may never have happened had I given myself a more relaxed timetable,” says Alex.

Their first shoot was with ten crew members and only eight actors. By the fourth shoot, there were 18 crew members and 42 actors! Every collaborator had a significant impact on the final product, giving the series a well-executed stab at anti-comedy in 2017.

“All I’m saying is if you love sketch comedy but feel there’s an underrepresentation of ducks, then this, my friends, is the show for you,” says Alex Gry.

Watch the trailer for Duck World now at DuckWorld.tv The first episode is set to release on October 17th, and the full series to be released on October 24th.

“It’s… weird. I hope you like it.”
-Alex Gry

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